#UberIsBetterThanCareem Is Trending On Twitter And It Seems The People Have Spoken


(Image Credits: Uber and Careem’s social media accs)

On Tuesday, the hashtag # اوبر_احسن_من_كريم or #UberIsBetterThanCareem was launched on Twitter and tweets have since been going nonstop. As always with the Internet, you can expect to find an array of combined yet contrasting opinions on a subject matter. 

Most Saudi tweeps took to Twitter to express what they look for in a car-hire app, with requests like a nice-smelling car, lower rates, and quietness inside the vehicles. Others simply agreed that the two companies share similar features, and none of the specificities should matter. 

Here are some of the popular divided opinion on the topic…

“I personally prefer Uber because of the lower prices, but i was shocked at some of the girls here who care if the driver is good looking, the point is to get places.”

“The most important thing is the car’s smell and a quite driver”

“At the end of the day, it’s just a car, doesn’t matter if it’s nice or bad or long or short or smells nice or anything. This is what I think, do you agree?”

“I have one experience with Uber, and it was great! We were a big family and the driver was polite and pleasant, and he refused to take money as he told us we were his first customers.”

“Doesn’t really concern me, I will be driving in a few months”


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