YAAAS: 7 INCREDIBLE Events Going On In Saudi Once December Rolls In


December is the final month of the Gregorian year which means even cooler weather (hopefully) and better outings.

Doing anything under the winter moons is pretty much a lifestyle we’ve all gotten accustomed on this end of the world and next month promises SO many cool events, that you just have to check out:


1. Check out the Fall Festival in Riyadh

A new Kuwaiti restaurant is opening up for the first time in Saudi and from now up until Dec 24, there will be a bunch of entertaining activities along with this opening.

Grab yo friends, grab your fam and head on out.

Location: Granada Square, Riyadh

2. Pop by the Road Taste festival if you’re a big-time foodie

Another foodie festival event you can check out next month is the Road Taste one that isn’t just all food concepts but a mix of art, music and live performances.

Families will loooove all the fun watching food trucks and live cooking stations here, it’s like a cooking competition all on its own.

Except, you get to be the judge.

This one’s taking place from now until December 31 from 2pm all the way until 1am.

Location: Seven Moons by Riyadh Park

3. Watch the live version of TORUK- The First Flight in a new Cirque du Soleil show

The General Entertainment Authority presents TORUK – The First Flight, a new Cirque du Soleil show inspired by James Cameron’s AVATAR and directed by Michel Lemieux et Victor Pilon, on Monday evening, December 17, and lasts for 12 days. TORUK – The First Fight is a show inspired by James Cameron’s famous movie AVATAR.

Location: Granada Center, Riyadh

For tickets, click here.


4. Common Ground

Jeddahwis will relish in that nice winter-family-feelin’ at the Common Ground festival at the Western Sky Aviation from December 5-8. The event will host a variety of musical and artistic performances, while fun activities will play out for the kiddies.

Additionally, the area will also have food for the visitors.

The festival opens its doors from 5pm to 12am on all days.

Location: Western Sky Aviation, Jeddah

5. Enjoy the entertainment at the Al Andalus Festival in Jeddah

The Al Andalus Festival is a weekly event that includes a variety of shows and activities. It takes place every weekend from 8th of November 2018 until 28th of December 2018.

The event includes Art Island, a Daniel Strajeke Show, Khawater Aldalam Show, European Acrobatic Shows, Skate and Fun Shows, and even some stand up comedy.

Location: Andalus Mall, Jeddah

Time: 6pm-12am

Tickets to the festival can be purchased here.

6. Ladies, drive your dream car in Jeddah

Ladies get to witness the types of cars will be available on range for you and your peers to gawk at, be amazed and even try driving it for themselves.

Jeddahwis will probably be in awe at the amazing variety of vehicles from vintage, classics all the way to the modern eclectic choices of today.

This event will run is currently running and will stay until the 21st of February from 10am to 10pm.

Location: Western Sky Aviation, Jeddah

Al Ahsa

7. Al Fayrooz Station

European performers will showcase their talents with a fun show at the Al Fayrooz Station event in Al- Ahsa. Families can bask under the moonlit grey skies and cold breeze and try out the food truck options plus shop at the bazaar.

The event is currently running and will continue until the 3rd of December. Doors open from 4pm and it ends at 11pm.

Hurry and visit before it ends!

Location: Muhairs Palace


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