FIRST Saudi Woman To Join Nasa Is Being Congratulated By The US Central Command


The US Central Command is commemorating Mishaal Ashemimry, Saudi’s first woman to join NASA. The Saudi Ministry of Culture & Information greeted Alshemimry in a tweet, and congratulated her for being “an inspiring model for women.”

Mishaal is an aerospace engineer and CEO of MISHAAL Aerospace

Her Aerospace company is based in Miami, Florida and one of its key goals is to transfer satellites into orbit with financially economical space access vehicles. 

In a recent interview, Mishaal said that the inspiration for her space passion came when she was six years old, often looking at the sky with enthusiasm. With a bacherlor’s degree in Science Degrees in AeroSpace Engineering, she previousled worked for Raytheon Missile Systems’ Aerodynamics Department.

In a tweet, the CIC congratulated Ashemimry for being the pride of Saudi for being first female in NASA

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Image Credits (Mishaal’s official website)

A great role model to all women, indeed.


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