Ford Middle East Sent A Genius Tweet About Women Driving In Saudi But It May Not Have Been Original


There have been many user reactions about the news that woman will be allowed to drive in Saudi, some for, some against. Not to miss out on all the social buzz, many automotive brands have jumped in the conversation as well. 

There was a certain theme with their response, each brand choosing a part of the car to celebrate the moment. 

  • Ford went with a rearview mirror, but it may not have been an original concept
  • Nissan went with a number plate
  • Volkswagen went with a steering wheel

Nissan Middle East created a clever Saudi number plate

Volkswagen Middle East took the driving wheel angle

Ford went with the rear view mirror

The Ford creative used looks rather like an award winning ad campaign 

J. Walter Thompson Doha created this print ad for website Rafeef22 and it won an award at Dubai Lynx creative festival last year. 

Raseef22 Right To Drive

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