Saudi Arabia Is Giving FREE COVID-19 Treatment To All: Regardless Of Nationality Or Religion


Saudi Arabia Is Giving FREE COVID-19 Treatment To All: Regardless Of Nationality, Religion Or Legal Status

COVID-19 has changed the world and Saudi is standing for unity both at home and across the world, at this time.

And the message is this: It’s okay to be fearful, as the most devastating pandemic of our time affects a generation, but take comfort in the knowledge that governments are taking decisive actions and people are uniting against the new threat.

And Saudi leadership is leading this fight, offering free COVID-19 healthcare for ALL, no matter your nationality, religion or legal status and ensuring you can stay connected by providing government services online, to improve the quality of your home life as much as possible.

People WILL hug again, hands will shake, schools will open, prayers will be held; a strong statement from Saudi to its citizens

The Ministry of Justice is working hard so the disruption to your life is minimal

Teams are working around the clock to empower citizens, ensuring their web pages are ready to service your requests, offering 120 online services in total as they believe your life should NOT be disrupted by the virus.

Learn more about the Ministry of Justice here

The people are proud of the Saudi effort

“A stunning effort”

Main image via Saudi Ministry of Justice


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