Great News For Jeddah As A SAR3 Billion Solution To Solve The Rainwater Issue Was Just Announced


The mayor of Jeddah, Saleh Al-Turki, has blessed our ears with the greatest news about how the city will begin receiving work on a rainwater drainage system.

I know, we’re surprised too. Who would have thought the region’s most dry, arid lands could now need a project as such?

According to Saudi Gazette, the drainage system project will cost SAR3 billion to get done and developments of it has actually already started. Around 30 locations that have suffered the most from the recent weather and past winters, to be exact.

At the moment, Jeddah’s municipality has already signed contracts with contractors and the execution of the projects will soon follow.

Image Credits: Saudi Press Agency

Al-Turki reaffirmed his confidence that Jeddah would be better equipped to handle next year’s rainwater

All main roads were reportedly open during the recent rainstorms that flooded Jeddah but the municipality said it doesn’t have the resources to dry up the rainwater that has gathered inside residential areas in a quicker manner.

Al-Turki told Al-Madina newspaper that Jeddah would be better equipped to handle next year’s possible weather outcomes all thanks to the drainage system being contracted.

The mayor added that in the coming years, the municipality would have the ability to deal with the rainwater in a more efficient way.


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