COVID-19: Grand Mosque Has Increased The Sanitisation Team To 450 People


Major efforts are being done in Saudi in order to prevent further outbreak of the Coronavirus, with first priority to keep the cleanliness of the Grand Mosque in the holy city in the best form.

How? According to the SPA, the workforce for the sanitisation of the Grand Mosque has been increased to 450.

450 more people have been added to the team that keeps the Grand Mosque clean- to ensure maximum hygiene is maintained

Previously, reports state that the working team at the Grand Mosque had come up to 330-members whereas it has not increased so that the cleaning, sanitizing, and incensing of the Mataf and other areas of the Grand Mosque are ensured.

There are different wings that tend to different parts of the Grand Mosque, but one thing’s for sure, the cleaning process is being done meticulously.

The cleaning and sanitization process is so that the safety of worshippers is ensured

Several tests are also being done on the sanitizers and detergents used before the cleaning and sterilization process starts, every day. Teams are constantly working around-the-clock, in different shifts, so that the place is not left unmaintained.

Incredible effort!


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