HH Crown Prince MBS Was Mobbed For Selfies And Handshakes At An Event In Riyadh And He Was Charismatic As Ever


The ever charismatic Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was met with an uproar of people who wanted selfies, a handshake or greetings at the ‘Davos in the Desert’ conference in Riyadh this week. 

The event was a sort of launch party for Saudi Arabia, with MBS’ charm that was to gather bankers and investors to be interested in his many visions for the Kingdom.

Davos in the desert was a conference that sought to ‘woo’ bankers and investors to revamp the oil dependence of the Kingdom and modernise it 

Vision 2030 is well under way and the 32-year-old Crown Prince did not hold back at the event, when talking about his prospective plans for the Kingdom. 

Riyadh unveiled plans worth approximately US$500 Billion investment zone in the north-western coastal area, and a US $1 BILLION investment in Virgin Galactic. The Crown Prince’s statements made headlines for promising optimism for the Kingdom and a restoration to a Saudi that is more tolerant. 

“Honestly, we won’t waste 30 years of our life dealing with any extremist ideas,” Prince Mohammed told the conference.

Some of the photos taken with people at the conference 

Crown Prince and his adorable smile!

Other well-known figures were also at the conference

Princess Ameerah Al Taweel…

Sir Richard Branson


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