History Has Been Made Yet Again As Jeddah Just Hosted Its First All- Women Basketball Tournament on Saturday


Saturday was yet another achievement for women in Saudi Arabia, when an organised all-women basketball tournament at Al-Jowhara Stadium. Following the royal decree to lift the ban on women driving and allowing them into stadiums for National Day- there’s no stopping the Kingdom’s progression. 

Women empowerment stood strong at the indoor court of Al- Jowhara’s stadium and we love it

The tournament was also organise to support their breast cancer awareness campaign. Double win. 

The tournament was a great incentive to encourage more women to participate in sports. The huge turnout of women spectators is a big encouragement for us to organise more such events in the future.” 

Rasha Al-Harbi, Team Leader and Founder of The Tournament (via Saudi Gazette)

The tournament hosted six teams and played other sports activities 

The money raised from the tournament will fund breast cancer awareness campaign among women over 40 who are prone to vulnerability. 

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Only women and kids were allowed in the stadium 

So that families and women could cheer each other on this historic and wonderful ocassion.


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