Imam Of The Prophet’s Mosque Leads Taraweeh Prayers In Dubai And About 6,000 Worshippers Pray Behind Him


Sheikhs Saad Al Ghamdi is one of the imam’s at the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah and recently he led prayers in Dubai.

He led the taraweeh prayers during the third and fourth of Ramadan and according to the Arab News about 6,000 worshippers joined him.

Al Ghamdi was invited as part of the Ramadan Dubai event that is run by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department. Ramadan Dubai conducts various activities throughout the Holy Month one of which is bringing in well-known reciters from around the world to lead prayers in Dubai.

The Imam of the Prophet’s Mosque isn’t the only Saudi Imam to travel abroad this Ramadan to lead the taraweeh prayers. It was earlier reported in the local press that the kingdom is sending 70 Imams to 35 countries.

Al Ghamdi prayed for the rulers and its people for grace, security, and safety during the supplication at the end of the Witr prayer.

Here’s a clip from the supplication during the witr prayer.


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