King Salman Inaugurated The 39th GCC Summit Today And It’s A Testament To The Continuous Stability Of The Region


The Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques King Salman inaugurated the annual GCC summit in Riyadh today (Sunday).

The summit consists of the Gulf’s rulers coming together to discuss the stability and peace of the region and ways to maintain and further strengthen the brotherhood of all the countries in the Gulf.

Royals from countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Oman along with their delegations arrived to the Kingdom’s capital on Sunday morning to attend the one-day summit.

(Image Credits: @spagov & @hashksa)

During the summit, King Salman stressed on the importance of the Palestinian cause

King Salman said that the cause is meant to be the prime ‘forefront of the GCC’s concerns.’

The summit highlighted the regional unity and discussed several issues relating to the Gulf in all varied fields

A trending hashtag was a result of the region’s combined efforts on Twitter today

…where thousands re-shared photos of the GCC leaders’ summit and discussed what went on.

People even managed to dig up a gem of a video dating all the way back to the GCC’s very first summit in 1981.

It’s truly astonishing to see how far the region has progressed since

Especially an outstanding feat to have such a supportive group of neighboring countries protecting, supporting and working with each other for the greater good of its people.


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