Lindsay Lohan Confirmed The Filming Of A New Movie In A Saudi City Soon And It’s Going To Be Epic


This is most definitely not a drill. 

In an exclusive interview with Wendy Williams at the Wendy show on Friday, actress Lindsay Lohan confirmed that she will be in Riyadh soon to start shooting for a new film. 

While being asked about her work ethics in the past, Lohan explained how far she’s come along since then- responding with an announcement of the new project she’s working on.

The film ‘Framed’ will feature an all-female cast 

Filming of the movie will take place in Riyadh, and this will be one of the first movies to be filmed in the Kingdom after 35 years since the ban of cinemas. 

Framed will be about an American female photographer who comes to the Kingdom and meets local women. Upon their introduction, Lohan’s character is introduced to the Saudi culture and she learns about why women cover and more. 

(Starts at 13:00) 

“It’s a really great story. It’s about a girl who comes from America, leaves her husband and comes to Saudi to understand the culture.” 

Lindsay Lohan (via Wendy Williams show)

Lohan also discussed finding peace and a ‘safety’ feeling by living in Dubai 

When Wendy asked her about why she’s been globe-trotting lately instead of living in Los Angeles, the 31-year-old actress said she felt ‘safe in Dubai’, since there are no paparazzis around. 

We’re sure a lot of peeps can’t wait for this film to come out!

What a great way for Lohan to make a comeback, and an even better ode to the return of cinemas to the Kingdom.


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