Miss Saudi Arabia Decided To Back Out Of A Beauty Pageant After Receiving Hate On Social Media


Pageant contestant Malak Youssef, has left the Miss Arab World competition after immense social media hate. Youssef dropped out just days prior to the crowning, leaving Morocco to win the title. 

The hate on social media stemmed from some locals attacking her for ‘misrepresenting’ Saudi Arabia and its women. She later announced her decision on Twitter, apologising for her actions. 

Malak announcing that she has left Miss Arab World 

…and the tweet was captioned with “I am announcing my withdrawals from the last rounds in ‘Miss Arab World 2018’. I am happy just carrying the Miss Saudi Arabia title”.

The video, as of now, has already received more than 200,000 views.

Beauty pageants do not usually take place in Saudi 

Hence, the concept being something new that eventually led to people taking notice of Youssef. 

The reaction to her choice was mixed

“Who told you to represent Saudi?”

“We are ready to stand by your side but not when you are bringing shame to us and to the women of Saudi Arabia with your indecencies and your choice of entering a stupid competition like this one. God forgive my parents and yours.”

Others defended her though 

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“I’m sorry for what you’re going through. Know that many hold a huge respect for you.” 

“Be better and embrace other women”


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