More Than 30 Million Pilgrims Are Expected To Visit Mecca By 2030 And This Is What Saudi Is Doing About It


The Kingdom is expanding the grounds for pilgrims in Mecca by launching a new company that will help increase it. Yes, you heard it. On Monday, the government announces that the grand mosque in Mecca is set to welcome more than 30 million pilgrims by 2030. Hence, the need for expansion.

The establishment of this company is in line with Vision 2030 

For Vision 2030, the Kingdom aims to give opportunity for the LARGEST possible number of Muslims to perform Hajj and Umrah – for the people to have a deeper and more soulful experience when visiting.

The projects created by the company will probably provide around 160,000 job opportunities by 2030 

Which will also render an estimated annual contribution to GDP of USD 2.1 Billion. One of the projects will create 115 building with a variety of architectural designs. This will cover more people’s ability to stay and find residence while visiting Mecca. Around 70,000 new hotel rooms will be able to cater to more than 300,000 visitors EVERY DAY. 

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The projects will take place only less than 1.5km away from the Kaaba

And the first phase of this will launch 2024.


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