More Than 60 Private Minibuses Are Now Ready For Female Teachers In The Kingdom


Female school teachers in the Kingdom are in for a treat this year. 

A new project by the Tatweer, a development company, aims to provide transportation for Saudi’s female educators starting on January 21st, according to Saudi Gazette.

There will be 61 minibuses at the initiation of this new initiative 

Teachers based in Makkah, Tabuk, Asir, Jazan region and Madinah will receive transportation from Tatweer, which is an extension of the Ministry of Education. Each minibus will be able to hold at least 12 passengers, and the first 61 buses will serve 64 schools. 

That’s a pretty good start. 

The teachers’ transportation fees will cost SAR 2,000 LESS

According to SG, driving teachers from their homes to the schools and back will only cost them SAR500, instead of its actual cost of SAR 2,500. Tatweer will reportedly be paying the rest of the amount. 

In the future, there are plans to accommodate more teachers with transportation in the Kingdom. The company is aiming to help at least 6,000 teachers from next year. 


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