Most Of The People Who Have Been Detained At The Ritz For Anti- Corruption Agree To Paying Settlements


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The anti-corruption crackdown that detained initially more than 300 people from all walks of life in the Kingdom are now being pardoned. The princes, clerics, ministers and prominent figures who have been held since last month. 

However, they’re being offered pardon now with a settlement and most have already agreed. 

Most of those who have been confronted with corruption charges against them by the committee have agreed to a settlement and the necessary procedures are being completed

Saudi’s attorney general in a statement (via Al Arabiya)

The Public Prosecution looked into the files into those accused and based on that they released others, while detaining the last 159

However, as reported by Al Arabiya, a total of 376 people have been detained with accounts frozen.

What’s next in the investigation phase?

There will be 2 phases following investigations towards those who have been accused. The first phase will be the negotiation and settlement aspect, second will be the referral to the public prosecution. 


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