New Law Means Anyone Who Physically Attacks A Teacher Gets 10 Years In Jail


New laws in the Kingdom means anyone who physically attacks a teacher or any staff member is responsible and punishable by up to 10 years jail time or a heft SAR1million fine. Otherwise, both punishments together, is also a possibility as announced by Ahmed Al- Issa, the Minister of Education.

A debate took place to discuss and deliberate the safety of academic staff 

During the debate on Monday, minister Al- Issa, along with other officials from the ministry, discussed the process and guidelines for the new law to take into effect. 

Any physical attack against any of the ministry’s staff will be considered homicidal crime that warrants imprisonment and fine

Ahmed Al- Issa (via Makkah newspaper)

‘Hiring security guards in boys and girls schools’

One of the other new initiatives being considered to prevent physical attacks in schools is to hire security guards and expand their use of surveillance camera, according to Saudi Gazette.

These new implementations won’t be subject to an educational level, but more so a general one. 


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