Nine Expat Workers Were Killed In Al Baha This Week During A Trip To Al Baha


(Image Credits: Social Media/ Saudi Gazette)

Nine expats in a van were killed in a horrific accident that took place in Al- Baha on Saturday, leaving six injured during an overturn on a mountainous road. According to Saudi Gazette, the workers (all from a catering company), were on their day-off and wanted to visit the Qunfuda corniche when the accident happened.

Time constraints made them take a mountainous route instead of the normal one. Some of those killed have been identified and included four Egyptians, three Bangladeshis and an Indian national. The Emir of Al Baha extended his condolences to the families of the workers and hope those injured have a ‘speedy recovery’.

A generous and kind offer was also ordered by the emir, to handle the health care to everyone that was injured in that accident. 

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