Remains Of 5 Human Bodies Were Found In A Saudi Farm And They Were Buried Alive For Harassing A Sponsor’s Daughter


Image Credits: Arab News

Three men confessed to the Qatif General Court in 2014 to torture of five Indian workers and burying them alive, according to Arab News. The five men were killed in 2010 and their decomposed bodies were found on a farm in Safwa, Qatif four years later. 

The police in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom arrested 25 people, at the time, who were believed to be connected with the murders of the workers. 

The suspects who tortured and murdered the five men included expats and citizens alike, and their confessions sound haunting… 

A man described the eventto authorities, stating that he and a friend were drunk and on drugs the time it had occured- when they were called to come to a farm by another friend. Following their arrival, the two witnessed the five workers with hands tied to chairs. Together, they beat up the men and would carry on with drinking and smoking hashish until their host suggested to bury their bodies by the farm’s entrance in a hole. 

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The reason was because the men, reportedly, harassed the host’s sponsor’s daughter and other women

The five men were then tied up with ropes and tape so the men wouldn’t be able to move prior to dumping the bodies into a 2.5 meter hole. The police have come to the conclusion that the men were killed in 2010, four years before discovering the bodies. 

How were the bodies discovered?

A resident in the Kingdom, Habib, rented out the land to start farming when he found the bodies. Initially thinking they were remains of dead animals, but he then saw undergaments besides the bodies. 

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