Saudi Arabia And The Rest of The GCC Will Soon Be Connected By A High-Speed Tube Transportation System


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Yep, you read right. Pretty soon, you’ll get to visit other Gulf countries (GCC) via a new transportation system that will operate at a velocity of 1,100km/hour, reported by Arab News.

This is amazinggggg! 

The super fast tube system will quickly link the Kingdom to GCC countries like Bahrain, the UAE, Kuwait and Oman 

The founder of US-based Virgin Hyperloop One, Josh Giegel, recently signed an agreement with Saudi’s MiSK Foundation for the super fast tube that’s going to change the meaning of transportation in the region. 

During the signing, both parties also discussed training on engineering and technical skills for the Saudi youth. 

Does this also mean more job opportunities? Perhaps, we’ll find out soon.

“It will be two to three times cheaper and FASTER than the high speed train” 

Josh Giegel told Arab News that the tube is set to be much faster than the high-speed train and cheaper than what a plane ticket would cost. 

Giegel added that more details on specificities regarding the routes of operations inside and outside Saudi Arabia will be discussed with the Saudi collaborators soon.

As part of the Vision 2030 program, Giegl says the company will offer internships for Saudi youth in the States 

We are ready to train them in their own fields and update them with the latest technology in the digital world.

Josh Giegel (via Arab News)

Which GCC country would you visit first once this tube is ready and operating?


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