Saudi Arabia Has Big Plans To Reduce Its Reliance On Oil Thanks To Uranium


Saudi Arabia intends to extract uranium as part of its nuclear power program to become more self-sufficient with atomic fuel production, a senior official told Arab News on Monday.

Hashim bin Abdullah Yamani, head of the Saudi government agency, told the news agency that extracting uranium will logically make more sense economically. 

Saudi Arabia wants to tap atomic power for peaceful use to expand their energy supply 

The Kingdom would be the second country in the Arab Gulf region to tap nuclear after the United Arab Emirates, which will start up in 2018 by a South Korean-built reactor. The UAE, however, is committed to not enhancing uranium or repurpose spent fuel.

“Regarding the production of uranium in the Kingdom, this is a program which is our first step toward self-sufficiency in producing nuclear fuel. We utilise the uranium ore that has been proven to be economically efficient

Hashim bin Abdullah Yamani ( Head of Saudi Government Agency via Arab News)

The plans for this is a direct impact of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Vision 2030 for the economic growth of the Kingdom. Yamani added that the Kingdom will soon pass laws for its nuclear program, and the rules for the nuclear regulator by the third quarter of 2018. 


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