Saudi Man Goes Missing At The Niagara Falls And His Family Is Asking For Assistance On Social Media


A Saudi father of three Qassim Adawi went on a trip with his family to the Niagara Falls, however, he went missing soon after.

According to the Arab News, the New York state police is conducting the search.

Adawi’s wife said that they were travelling in a car past Niagara Falls when Adawi stopped the car and stepped out to snap photos. She waited for her husband in the car, however, he didn’t return. Sensing something was wrong she immediately rang the authorities.

Adawi who hailed from the Jizan Province was studying for a doctoral degree in business administration.

An eyewitness saw “someone” fall into the water.

The Saudi Consulate in New York is currently supporting and providing accommodation to the Adawi’s family.

Adawi’s family immediately posted photos of him on social media in which Adawi is seen with his children to help track him faster.



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