Saudi Peeps Are Being Advised To Change Their Method Of Payment Because Shops Don’t Deal With Coins


Some of you may have noticed by now that you might not have been receiving the exact change after paying at a shop since VAT was introduced this month. Well, you are not alone. 

According to a report by Saudi Gazette, consumers have complained on social media about the “unfairness” on the change situation. Other Tweeps even shared advice to other consumers, on the avoidance of scams and being put in this situation.

Has this happened to you?

Reports say that a few sellers have been rounding up the total of a bill in receipts because they don’t carry coins. So if you’re wondering why you never get that extra .05 halalas, it’s probably because it’s not available. 

Some people on social media have complained about receiving a different amount of change in comparison to what is on the receipt. 

More than 900 stores were charged by the Ministry for violations 

Before the implementation of VAT even hit a two-week mark, the Ministry of Commerce and Investment had already caught 910 stores that violated the new VAT laws. Any shop that gets fined more than a couple of times, can be shut down. 

What should you do about this?

People have demanded for more coins to the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA), especially the 5 and 10 halalas due to the arrival of VAT to the Kingdom. So, people are advised to contact SAMA on their customer service hotline 800-125-6666, in the case that they don’t find coins. 

“Know Your Right” and “Take the Change”

The ministry has awareness campaigns for residents of Saudi, that tells them to demand for their right to receive change and not gums or napkins instead of halalas. If you’re put in a situation where you’re not receiving your change, contact the ministry on1900 to report it. 


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