Saudi Twins Are Now In Trial For Killing Their Mother And Attempts To Kill Their Father


Two Saudi twins, Khaled and Saleh, were held in their first trial session on Tuesday at the Specialized Criminal Court for killing their mother and attempts to murder their father and brother by orders of Daesh. A death penalty is now in the talks by the public prosecution against the twins, who committed their crimes in Al-Hamra neighborhood, Riyadh.

The twins were accused of following the ‘Takfiri ideology’ by the prosecution, when they stabbed and decapitated their own mother and attacked their father and brother with a machete. Khaled and Saleh also stole a car to flee the scene after committing their crimes in June 2016. 

According to Arab News, a younger sister managed to survive the horrible ordeal by locking herself in a room. However, the mother was deceived to go into a room where the killing took place. The twins’ reasoning for killing their mother was her ‘threats’ to inform the authorities about their anomaly and actions, insisting they change their ways. 

In their testimonies, the twins said they felt she was an infidel and then decided to kill her. 


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