Saudi’s Population Has Reached A Whopping 32 Million And Is Leading The Total Population Too


In a report by Gulf News, it’s been discovered that Saudi citizens’ population is rounding uo to almost 63% of the 32, 552, 336 people who live in the Kingdom. Figures released in 2017 by the General Authority for Statistics (GaStat) that shows that the total population has increased by 2.52% from 2016. 

Then and now- the population

In 2017, Saudi locals were 20,408,362 which increased largely to 343, 392. Males in 2017 made up 57.48% of the total population whereas women remained a 42.52%. In 2016, men were 57.44% and women were 42.56% showing you the increase in population. 

Saudi is the most populated country in the GCC

With most foreigners who live in Saudi coming from Asian and Arab countries, the Kingdom’s Labour Market issued more than 500,000 work visas in 2017’s third quarter.


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