The Consultative Council Has Made A Decision To Prohibit Those Under The Age Of 18 From Getting Married


The Shoura Council has decided on the rules that accompany early marriages in the Kingdom.

According to the Saudi Gazette, the council approved the restriction of marriage contracts for those who are below the age 18 on Wednesday. A draft law previously looked into, has also been approved for minors who seek marriage.

The council’s speaker Abdullah Al-Sheikh had approved the law that called to prohibit marriage of all minors.

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The law will ban marriage contracts for those who have not attained the age of 15

…male or female.

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The new draft law means several things…

A few new regulations have come up as a result of the council’s deliberations, such as; fixing the age of minor at 18, set out a condition of producing a medical report for the marriage of those under 18, and comply with rules to ensure that those who aren’t qualified for marriage are prevented from it.

‘Best decision of 2019’


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