The First Ever Jazz Festival In Riyadh Was A Major HitWith 3,000 Visitors Who ABSOLUTELY Loved It


The first ever jazz festival held in Riyadh was welcomed with arms wide open, by the Kingdom’s eager listeners. As it turns out, there’s actually a huge jazz following in Saudi since 3,000+ visitors reportedly showed up on Friday alone.

Bands from UK, U.S.A and Lebanon came to perform 

Organised by Time Entertainment and in full cooperation with the General Entertainment Authority, the event featured a multitude of talented artists.

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Just look at this crowd!

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And it wasn’t just all about the music (like that wasn’t enough already)

For every traditional pop and jazz lover, this event also boasted great local art inspired by the rich culture of jazz. 


Residents were taken by surprise 

A user on Instagram even admitted to being “impressed” by the festival, and the fact that there are now even jazz festivals in the Kingdom.

This event was definitely one for the books

History has been made and the allure of jazz has finally entered the Saudi market.

All we want to know is…

When’s the next one?

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