The Haramain Train Already Reached Makkah For Its Trial Run And It Was A Success


Image Illustration (Credits: Arab News)

Brace yourselves, people! There’s now going to be a new mode of transportation in Makkah to Madina very soon. The Haramain High Speed Train arrived to Makkah in Tuesday, as its first trial run and it run smoothly. 

The first trial ran from its main station in Jeddah and reached Rusaifa station (the entrance of holy city) 

It is in its final phase of the experimental operation and is scheduled to start operating in first quarter of 2018!

The Haramain High Speed Railway links the holy cities of Makkah and Madina through Jeddah and King Abdullah Economic City of Rabigh 

And it’s estimated to cost at aorund SAR 37.5 BILLION! With 35 trains and a special train for the elderly people, surely it’ll be worth the cost. 

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It will also include:

– Five stations- in Makkah, Medina, Jeddah, Rabign, andthe airport. 

– Jeddah will be the main station, where the central control room will be located.

– And it is expected to carry at least 3 MILLION passengers a year 

– It will alleviate traffic congestion 


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