This Inspiring Saudi Princess Will Now Lead The Huge Saudi Sports Federation


Princess Reema Bint Bander is not new to fascinating and challenging new roles in Saudi. She’s a courageous, gentle, innovative and an action-oriented woman who has done many notworthy work in Saudi.

According to AFP agency, she will be the first woman in Saudi to lead the Sports Federation covering sports activity for  both men and women. A  challenging post, indeed!

 In the past she has done many ‘firsts’ like organizing the first Guinness Book of World Record event in Breast Aancer awareness. 

She also leads a really cool socially conscious enterprise called “Alf-khair”and is incredibly active in empowering women in workplace. Most importnantly, her voice resonates with many who feel unheard in Saudi. 

Earlier this year she has also earned another position in General Sports Authority overlooking women’s sports!

This is what she said in a conference about social enterprise, community engagement and empowerment.

“Its’s not just empowering people. If you’re going to empower people with no ‘capability ’ they are not going to understand the impact. So focus on the capability and change what capability means for us today. It’s the ability to engage, and then deliver. If you can’t deliver, there’s no point in empowering someone who can’t deliver..”


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