The Last Survivor Of The Unification Wars In Saudi Just Passed Away At 118-Years-Old


Saeed Bin Mohie Bin Ahmed Al-Ahmed Al-Qahtani passed away on Tuesday at the Al-Omrah village in the Uhud Rufaidah governorate. He was the last known survivor who fought in one of Saudi Arabia’s unification wars along with King Abdul Aziz’s forces.

He passed away at 118 years old, according to Saudi Gazette.

Image Credits: Twitter @hashksa

Before he passed, Al-Qahtani recalled vivid recollections of the the wars

Saudi Gazette reports that Al-Qahtani had incredibly good memory despite his age.

In an interview with Al Watan newspaper on the ocassion of the Kingdom’s 88th National Day last September, he recalled the Ottoman reign in Asir back when the Turkish soldiers looked over the market place in Abha.

Al-Qahtani also remembered the short reign of Prince Hassan Bin Ali Al-Ayed and how he hurried to join the forces of King Abdul Aziz when they arrived from the east. His role in the Baqim war was someone involved in logistics; bringing flour to feed the fighters in the battlefront.

In fact, his memory was so detailed that he even remembered the names of the men from his area who had been chosen to partake in the war: Mubarak Bin Abdullah Al-Abu Hawi, Abdullah Bin Ali Al-Hurais and Mohammed Bin Maeedh Al-Mashouf.



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