The New and Improved Saudi Tourist Visas Come With A Set Of Rules To Be Announced In Two Months


Details about tourist visas will be discussed towards the end of this first quarter by The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH), as announced by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA). Reportedly, details about requirements, nationality specifications and any other myths induced by media will be deliberated, finalised and announced by that point. 

There’s a little something for Umrah visitors..

As preparations take place with ministries of interior and foreign affairs, all major updates on tourist visa regulations will soon be online on SCTH’s website by Q1 of 2018. Previously, the director of Tourism and Heritage Authority in Makkah, Mohammed Al-Omari, told Arab News that residents from other countries who can visit Saudi can obtain tourist visas. Al-Omari added that every Muslim from countries globally can get a post- Umrah tourist visa, allowing to tour the Kingdom soon after Umrah. 

Female tourists above the age of 25 can go unaccompanied

But with an authorised travel agency and in a group of other tourists.

The Kingdom is looking to boost its tourism, in line with the Vision 2030, and develop the heritage services.


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