The Oldest Stone Tools In Arabia Were Discovered In The Kingdom’s Nufud Desert And They Answer A Major Human Migration Theory


Recently, in the vast emptiness of the Nufud Desert stone tools and fossils dating back to over 400,000 years ago were unearthed. These tools are the oldest ever discovered in the Arabian Peninsula.

This archaeological discovery is a major breakthrough as per new research as they show how climate change could have prompted humans to migrate out of Africa into Asia.

What may seem like one of the most barren places on earth, the Nufud Desert was once home to verdant grasslands and lakes.

The discovery was made in a place called Khall Umayshan on the outskirts of Tabuk.

The area is filled with archaeological remains ranging from those that are 400,000 to 55,000 years old.


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This recent discovery proves how rich archeologically Saudi Arabia is and only time will tell what mysteries long buried in the sand will be unearthed.


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