The Oriental Nights Festival In Dammam Is A Big Hit That Gathered 160,000 Visitors In The Last Week Alone


(Image/ SPAGov/ Twitter)

The ‘Oriental Nights’ festival that is currently being held in Dammam’s King Abdullah Park is a hit, according to reports. The event witnessed a huge amount of visitors, approximately 160,000 of whom went to the festival in the last six days alone. 

We wonder how many more are expected to visit in the upcoming days.

The event includes folk dance performances, food, songs and plays 

According to Arab News, a huge group of the Arab community showed up at the event and enjoyed the entertainment provided. There were shows presented by six different Arab states and performed folk dancing. 

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Apart form those, the 4-11pm event hosted Levant nights (which seemed to have received more visitors so far), roughly around 15-20,000 people each night. The event is expected to continue until mid- January, wherein Moroccan shows and other activities will start.  

You can still check it out!

The event is located at the King Abdullah Park, waterfront from 4-11pm daily.


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