The Saudi Arabian Model Whose Video Went Viral Has Been Found And Detained


Just recently, an investigation was ongoing in Saudi Arabia calling for the arrest of Khulood for a video that went viral of her in a crop top and mini-skirt. 

The videos were posted on her snapchat, which then caused controversy all over the internet starting a hashtag calling for her arrest. 

In accordance to the law in Saudi Arabia, females are expected to dress modestly by covering their head and wearing abaya’s in public and in presence of men. 

It was announced yesterday that Khulood and her cameraman have been detained by the Saudi Arabian police.

She was questioned by the police in Riyadh – where she had shared a statement saying that the videos were published by an account attributed to her without her knowledge. 

Her case has been transferred to the general prosecution department of the KSA where the issue will be monitored and the necessary steps will be taken to address the video of her in offensive clothing.

What are people’s reactions to the situation?

Many individuals have taken it to Twitter to share their opinion on the situation at hand – with some agreeing that she should be prosecuted and some standing up for her feminist rights. 


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