The Saudi Authorities Have Developed An Ingenious Technique To Reduce Heat On Pedestrian Pathways


This year’s Hajj is falling in the midst of peak Saudi summer. The authorities have over the years developed systems to reduce heat like the machine-controlled umbrellas in Madinah to the naturally cooling Greek marble that is used in Masjid Al Haram.

This year too they have come up with something ingenious that is believed to reduce the heat on pedestrian pathways.

The concept is simple, a heat-blocking coating will be applied on the pathways.

According to the Arab News, the first phase of the project has already been completed and runs from Mina till the Jamarat spanning an area of over 3,500 sq km.

The director-general of the holy sites and seasons, Ahmed Manshi said that the coating will reduce temperatures of the surface below by 15-20 degrees Celsius.

Sensors have been installed beneath the pathways that will continually monitor the temperatures.


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