The Saudi Hero Who Saved More Than 50 People Last Week At A Burning Gas Station Lost His Family To A House Fire


Image Credit: Sabq

The local hero, who only a few days ago, helped save 50 people in a gas station lost his own family members to a fire on Sunday. 

Sultan bin Huzaim al- Rajbani was even honored by the Governor of Riyadh last week, for pushing a burning car away from the petrol station in his 4×4 vehicle.

Netizens send their condolences to the hero online…

Leaving many convinced that it was an ‘evil eye’ that was thrown at him from the story of his heroism going viral. The hero lost his mother and two siblings to a house fire that took place on Sunday, according to local news Sabq. 

Police reports show that the fire at Rajbani’s house was caused by a short circuit in their living room that flamed the entire house, while they slept. 


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