A Photo Of Yoda And The King Of Saudi In A School Book Has Been Explained


Image Credits (Shaweesh/Gharem Studio)

Saudi’s Ministry of Education has stated an apology for a school textbook’s insertion of quite a peculiar photo. It is one of Star Wars’ Yoda placed in a photo alongside the late King Faisal during his signing of the UN Charter in 1945. 

Saudi artist, Abdullah Al Shehri, says he meant no offence to the king

High school students in Saudi Arabia found the ‘force’ with them, upon opening their social studies books, according to The Telegraph. The artist of the said photo further added he had no knowledge on how the photos ended up in those books.

In a lesson about the United Nations, a historic photograph of King Faisal was strategically placed- with a twist

The Jedi master, Yoda (of the Star Wars trilogy), stood right next to the King in the photo.

Al Shehri also added that although people are criticising his work, more comments are being made about the education ministry 

No one knows exactly how two different aspects were put together in the same photo and in a chapter of a school textbook.

“I am the one who designed it, but I am not the one who put it in the book,” 

Abdullah Al Shehri (via The Telegraph)

The artist explained the inspiration behind mixing pop culture icons with historic photographs

The artist, nicknamed Shaweesh, says he found inspiration from a  photo of Anwar Sadat, an Egyptian President who met Mickey Mouse in Disneyland shortly before his assassination in 1981. And then he came across the black-and-white historic shot of King Faisal at the signing the United Nations Charter and immediately thought of Yoda. 


He told The Telegraph that, much like the King Faisal, the Star Wars’ icon is strong and known for his great intellect. Further adding that Yoda is also popular among Saudis (like the King) and just happens to be of similar colour to the Saudi Flag. 

The Ministry of Education apologised for the mistake and has, reportedly, reprinted and will withdraw the previous versions of the book


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