The Super COOL Riyadh Metro Is Set To Take Its Trial Run In 2018 And It’ll Change Everything


The first trial run of the highly- anticipated Riyadh Metro is expected to happen in the second half of next year (2018), according to Arriyah Development Authority’s director Ibrahim Al-Sultan. 

The rapid transit system is going to be located in Riyadh, and it will have 6 metro lines that will have 85 stations. It will reportedly cost around $22.5 billion and is scheduled to open in 2019. 

Are you excited yet?

The project is 62% complete 

… according to Argaam.

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We expect that in H2 2018, people will see trains operating in some routes, which will be a trail run that will take more than a year

Ibrahim Al Sultan (via Argaam)

Riyadh Metro will span 176 kilometres


It will also include 24 routes and stop at 776 stations. 

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