The Very First Female-Only Marathon Took Place Recently In Al Ahsa Causing A Huge Reaction Online


In another milestone for the Kingdom, the beautiful town of Al-Ahsa witnessed more than a thousand women participate in an all-female marathon on Saturday morning. The 3-kilometre marathon called Al-Ahsa Runs was a trending topic on Twitter, wherein people shared their joys about the event. 

More than 2,000 women signed up for this marathon

According to Al Arabiya, registration portals for the marathon had to close briefly after a few hours since spots got filled STAT. More than 2,000 women had signed up for the marathon within hours of the announcements. 

Graphic Designer,Mizna al- Nassar, won first place within fifteen minutes 

The 28-year-old, Al- Nassar, finished the race in only fifteen minutes, surpassing two racers. She was even quoted telling the media publication that she would love to represent the Kingdom in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

We sure hope you would, Mizna! 

Sharia laws were still imposed on participants 

The Saudi General Authority For Sports sponsored the marathon along with Al- Ahsa’s security, and sharia laws still applied. Naturally, the hijab and/or abaya were worn by lots of women but this did not stop them from performing their very best. 

Most women shared their joy and newfound feeling of pride over participating 

However, there were a couple of naysayers who opposed the idea of running in abayas…

But all in all, this was a great opportunity to motivate the females of the Kingdom to join the fitness community.


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