The Writer of Saudi’s National Anthem Passed Away Yesterday At The Age of 90


The legend who wrote Saudi’s national anthem, Ibrahim Khafaji, passed away at the age of 90 on Friday after a long battle with his illness. 

The Saudi poet passed away at King Abdullah Medical City 

After a long battle with his illness, Khafaji passed away at the age of 90, according to Sabq. 

Funeral prayers for Khafaji will be performed at the Grand Mosque in Makkah after Friday prayers 

(May Allah have mercy on his soul) 

He was the first to write the Kingdom’s national anthem we know and love today 

According to Saudi Gazette, Khafaji even took six months to complete the song’s lyrics in 1984. Prior to that, Saudi’s national anthem had just been music. 

May he rest in peace 

“Verily to Allah we belong and unto Him is our return.”


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