There Are Plans To Change Speed Limit to 140/KPH On Some Highways And It’s Exactly What You Might Think


Oh, yeah. 

The Ministry of Interior is well under way with the planning of new traffic rules and regulations in the Kingdom. According to Saudi Gazette, some of the plans that might change the traffic laws you’re familiar with are… 

Increasing the speed limit on expressways to 140kph

Plans to increase the speed limit to 140kph was announced on Wednesday by the leaders of the Ministry of Interior. The reconsideration of the current speed limit is due to the increase in population and current road projects that have been taking place. 

This might be useful to those who travel from Riyadh to Taif’s Highway or Riyadh to Dammam. The current speed limit in highways currently is at 120kph.

There might be changes with fines and violations too

Plans to change or update fines and violations related to traffic charges goes according to the public’s safety. No specific details have yet been announced as it is, at this point, in the drafting and planning stage. 

Improving driving schools 

Studies to improve and better driving schools all over the Kingdom are being looked into, especially with starting new driving schools for women. 

Expanding the monitoring systems in the country 

New systems could be applied into the Kingdom’s monitoring like CCTVs and other devices that might help with developing and easing traffic plans. 

The director of the Traffic Department, Brig. Gen. Muhammad Al-Bassami, says a new traffic plan will be introduced, hopefully, in the next coming months.

What do you think of these newly proposed ideas?


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