There Is A Car CRASH Every Minute In Saudi


According to Gulf News officers from the interior ministry reported that there are over a whopping 460,000 car crashes every year in the Kingdom. With over 70% of them happening in rural areas.

The number of people dying because of car crashes is pretty grim as well with over 20 people dying every day.

Experts suggest that the country suffers close to three billion Riyals annually in economic losses from traffic accidents.

Brigadier Mohammad Al Bassami, the kingdom’s head of traffic, explained that a review is being conducted and that they are looking into all procedures regarding car accidents.

There have been stricter measures to reduce traffic accidents in the past few years including heavy fines for reckless driving such as drifting and having speed cameras installed even in rural areas.

With women starting to be granted driving licenses starting June next year there are several challenges that await the authorities including logistical preparations, driving schools for women and perhaps even having a women traffic police force.



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