This Saudi Couple’s Driving Selfie Was Met With Anger By Some People On Twitter


After King Salman issued a decree allowing women in Saudi Arabia to drive, BaDughaish posted an adorable selfie with his wife, while teaching her how to drive (in an empty car park). 

The internet quickly responded- positively at first, but then certain naysayers appeared with sarcastic and offensive comments. 

The people’s reactions…

A lot of the people were proud of the photo, and it even encouraged other husbands to teach their own wives but some questioned why BaDughaish posted a photo of his wife. With comments saying “Don’t you feel embarrassed or protective of her when posting her picture?” or “Shame on you” by user Bder1991, according to the BBC.

Some were enraged with him posting a photo of his wife online..

This commenter is saying ” Why are you showing your wife’s face?” and “Cover your wife” 

With others even going as far as saying that the two do not represent Saudis 

While others retaliated and stood up for the couple

With user @itz_slooom defending the couple from a cyberbully saying “Why are you interfering? Mind your own business” and others saying “It’s his wife, leave them alone..”

Some of the messages were threatening enough that he reported them to Saudi’s cybercrime department 

BaDughaish spoke to BBC and said he only hoped to inspire others to train, the legal way. Some comments have gone too far and he needed to report them to the cybercrime department.

Women being able to drive will officially come into effect from June 2018.


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