Three Theater Performers Were Stabbed At King Abdullah Park In Malaz


One of the residents broke through the theatre at king Abdullah park in Malaz on Monday evening during the performance of a theatrical group and stabbed 2 men and a woman, who were members in the theatre group during their live performance. The injured were transferred immediately to Prince Mohamed Bin Abdulaziz hospital, and they are in stable condition, as reported by doctors.

The security forces had to evacuate the park for security reasons and chaos caused by the action of this extremist young man. The Saudi people expressed their rejection of this extremist ideology, which has nothing to do with Islam on social media platforms. Many citizens called to punish The assailant to avoid repeating such an incident.

The Saudi authorities confirmed arresting the assailant after the incident. Although there is a lot of information about him, we still waiting for the Ministry of Interior statement to know all the incident’s details.


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