A Saudi Boy Wrote A Heartbreaking Letter To His Mother Who Had Just Passed Away


This grieving child is urging his mother to come back. He writes, saying he will not bother her anymore and he has transformed into a responsible young boy. How beautifully articulate..

“Dear Mother, I am writing this so that I can die just as you and I can be with you..and show you I have not forgotten you… 

Dear Mama, I am sorry, please.. may Allah Bless you.

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Come back to us. I promise in  Allah’s name I will obey every single instruction you give me. And clean everything too… I will let you sleep and will not wake you up.

I ask Allah to grant you peace in the Heaven. 

I eat regularly, I have changed now and do what Sarah asks me to. You used to tell me I messed the house and caused you stress and tiredness. But I no longer dirty anything..”

Orphan Letter

Doesn’t this make you feel grateful to have your mom alive?


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