Watch Heartwarming Footage Of King Khalid Military College’s Students Upon Seeing Their Families ♥


An official military account posted for the first time some videos and photos that show the visits of the students’ families at King Khalid Military College in Khasham Al-An, Riyadh.

The footage documented impressive meeting moments between the students and their families, which expressed all valuable meanings of love and respect between the family members.

According to the new students, they had spent 45 days of continuous training in the college, and after 3 years, they will be the homeland protectors.


Here are some footages show how they met their families

Military Course

It is well known that the military courses held in Saudi Arabia start with 45 days of continuous training inside the training center without leaving it. After passing the 45 days, students will be given two weeks’ leave, and then they become entitled to a weekly leave only.



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