Women Being Able To Drive Might Put More Than 1.4 Million Private Drivers Out Of Work


While the news of women being able to drive next year sure is good for everyone in the Kingdom, there’s an army of private drivers people seem to have forgotten. 

When King Salman announced on Tuesday that the ban on women driving will be lifted by June 2018, millions of people across the globe celebrated along with the Kingdom. 

However, recent reports show that with more than a MILLION men who have been working as personal drivers to local families, does this mean they would all lose their jobs?

According to recent datas, Saudi has 1.4 million male drivers, mostly from South Asia, who work in private homes

Does this mean some or most of them will get sent back home, once the women they drive are finally able to drive themselves? 

According to CNNMoney, the amount of drivers currently working in the Kingdom means there’s one for every 23 Saudi locals. The reduction of personal drivers will also help women save more money in the long run, but it’s still a wonder how many expats would lose their jobs.

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