Women In Saudi Arabia Might Be Exempt From A Few Penalties That Come With Driving And It’s Not what You’d Expect


A suggestion has been raised during the development of the regulations upon the decree of women being able to drive soon. It’s a slightly odd one, but understandable- to an extent. 

One of the main suggestions is to exempt women from some traffic violation penalties that men usually goes for everyone, reportedly. 

‘Some penalties are not suitable for women’, the source said

Some of the penalties, at hand, being questioned as a driver of a vehicle and asked to stop and detaining a vehicle. Regular and basic penalties that usually everyone faces in the driving world. 

Reportedly, a solution to this could be ‘paying a penalty without the need to be stopped or to detain a woman’s vehicle’

A source told Al- Watan newspaper that the solution or alternative could just be paying the penalty instead of being pulled over or having a woman’s car detained. This, of course, goes in parallel with the societal customs and traditions of the Gulf- to help make women feel more at ease with driving. 

No confirmations have been made yet, but a press conference next week should clear all our confusion 

Details on the rules and regulations on women driving by next year will be discussed in a press conference next week. Hopefully all our confusion on driving dates, driving schools and etc will be answered.


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