Saudi Internet Is Heartbroken Over The Death Of The World’s Cutest Dog Named Bo


The Internet-famous and publicly proclaimed ‘World’s Cutest Dog’, Boo, passed away on Saturday- leaving his 16.2 million Facebook fans completely distraught.

Boo died at the age of 12, only a year after his companion Buddy passed away. According to Sky News, Boo passed in his sleep leaving his owners and the rest of us incredibly heartbroken.

That’s why it’s no surprise why even though Boo was born and raised in the U.S, the story still resonates with a lot of fur-baby moms and dads around the world.

Boo lived a fruitful life and wherein his cuteness even reached to other parts of the world

With a book under his belt, millions of fans on all social media platforms, celebrity selfies and the love of his favorite humans- Boo lived life and he lived it well.

The Pomeranian dog has been known, in the digital sphere, for quite some time know due to his cant-look-away-from-you cuteness.

Boo’s health symptoms started deteriorating after the death of Buddy

After having lived with his companion, Buddy, for a good eleven years- Boo’s owners noticed that his health symptoms slowed down weeks following Buddy’s death.

The world wept after seeing the announcement on Boo’s Facebook fan page

“I’m so sad to hear about the passing of Boo..”

“Boo was the first pup I ever followed on Facebook.”

“I just burst into tears..”

“Crying because Boo felt like all our dogs..”

Animal lovers in the Kingdom couldn’t handle it either

“Poor guy, hope the owners are fine”

Rest in peace, Boo.


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