YAAS! MBS Presented A Successful Report From The Corruption Crackdown That Recovered SAR 400 Billion Back


Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, chairman of the Supreme Committee, has submitted the final reports of the corruption crackdown to The Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques King Salman and has since been reviewed.

According to the Saudi Gazette, the Royal Court has announced that a total of SAR400 billion were recovered in the corruption cases that dealt with assets such as real estate, companies, securities and even in cash.

All this work dates back to the arrests of high-profile Saudis and ministers led by MBS back in November 2017.

Following confessions to the charges, 87 individuals agreed to settlements

Fifty-six individuals will not get to settle due to existing criminal charges under their name, a decision made by The Public Prosecutor.

The said individuals do not want to settle their case too (despite actual evidence being intact), so they’ve been transferred to the Prosecutor for further examining under the appropriate laws.

All that money has been retrieved and back to the state treasury

King Salman has extended his gratitude to MBS, members of the committee and the staff in meeting the objectives after more than a year of reviewing, processing and retrieving back the money.


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